Pioneer DJ HDJ C70 Professional DJ Headphone

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    Superb sound design features newly-developed 40mm aperture driver units:

    With a newly-developed 40mm-aperture drive unit boosting the drive power of the units through use of large rare earth magnets, and tuning suited to DJ monitoring, low sounds such as bass and kick drum sounds are produced together with the build-up of quick sounds. Also, by installing a copper cap in the pole piece part inside the unit, sound distortion is decreased and medium and high-pitched sounds such as vocals and snare drums are reproduced with excellent clarity. Low sounds and medium and high-pitched sounds can be clearly recognized, so the sounds required for DJ mixing can be grasped in an instant.

    Soundproofing component delivers excellent sound isolation

    The chamber (air chamber) established in the housing part reduces sound influx from outside and delivers excellent sound isolation, enabling accurate monitoring even in environments where music is played at high volume, such as in DJ booths. In addition, with the adoption of earpads using soft leather-type materials with excellent comfort, the way in which the headphones stick to the ears is improved and sound from outside is blocked.

    Designed for ultimate comfort and to support various monitoring styles

    By using flexible polyamide resin material for the headband and ridged (rough) rubber ring to enhance grip around the outside of the housing part, the headband can be bent flexibly by holding the housing and the housing can be put to the ear immediately while hanging the headphones around the neck. Also, the left and right slider arms rotate at intervals of 90 degrees to the front and the rear, so it is possible to use various DJ monitoring styles such as monitoring through one ear with headphones resting on the head. Also included are a 1.6m straight cord and 1.0m curled cord (up to 3m long when extended), which can be selected to suit different styles, with fine ribs to reduce tangling and noise from touching.

    Excellent durability, and replaceable main parts for maintenance

    Highly flexible polyamide resin materials are used in the headband, delivering support for various monitoring styles together with excellent durability. In the unlikely event that it becomes necessary to replace the headband, earpads, housing, head cushion or cable, etc., these main parts can be replaced (parts sold separately) so the headphones can be used for a long time.

    Other features

    Insert-type earpads can easily be replaced.

    ?Cable using detachable MMCX-type connectors.


    ?Includes carrying pouch for convenient for carrying.


    FormFully enclosed dynamic stereo headphones

    Frequency range7?32,000Hz


    Output sound pressure level100dB

    Maximum output sound pressure level120dB

    Maximum input2,000mW

    Unit aperture? 40 mm dynamic type

    Connection cord1.6 m stereo cable (equipped on body at time of shipping), 1.0 m curled cable (3.0 m when extended)

    Plug? 3.5 mm straight mini plug (Gold plated, 2 way, Screw)

    Weight195 g (not including cord)

    Accessories? 6.3 mm stereo plug adapter (Gold plated, screw-type), carrying pouch, screwdriver for cord replacement

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