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NUX([nju:eks]) is one of the 3 trademarks owned by Cherub Technology Co., Ltd. We first introduced it in 2005 with the idea of providing music lovers and musicians with affordable yet fine quality gears. For the time being, NUX only covers a limited range of effect pedals, guitar & drum amplifiers, digital drums & pianos as well as some PRO-Audio Interfaces & Controllers., NUX is still a young brand, you won't believe that we've been engaged in this business for more than 10 years. Never mind, take a breath and sing along with us: The "dog days" of NUX is getting close.

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Idea: Efficient space use on the pedalboard.

Any ideas for a new pedal are born from the needs of musicians.Let's assume that you have a drive pedal, a chorus and a delay? That set is known as a basic blues-breaker setup mostly. But what if another chorus pedal grabs your attention and you think itis awesome?


Whether your pedal board is big or small, you will always find enough space for a NUX pedal!

That's  true. There is a colossal ocean for possible equipments you can get out there and plenty of fish if you think about pedals. When you are after a specific fish, you should know all the essential information about its kind and have to try many of them before you find the best for your taste.

Sometimes you need a pedal to fill the gap on your pedal board and you want to add many features as possible as on that spot but most of the stomp boxes aren’t compatible to make it. To achieve the most efficient use on pedal boards, we designed NUX pedals with some interactive and dynamic functions allowing you to customize options. Like the chorus pedal example given above, NUX Rivulet Chorus has 3 different chorus type in its library (download is available on can install one of those choruses into NUX Rivulet and use the chorus effect the way you like. When you check the similar products in the market, you will see NUX always has some additional features and some of them are totally original ideas like Loop with -1 Octave or Smart Tap Tempo & T-Lock.