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Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 DJ controller for Pioneer WeDJ APP & Djay app

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Pioneer DJ launch a new product to help the beginner DJ to get in to DJing with the DDJ-200, the new smartphone and iPhone compatible smart DJ controller. The DDJ-200 makes it easier for the beginner to start DJing with the help of the Tutorials featured in free app, WeDJ for iPhone (ver. 2.0), which you can download for free from the App Store. For over 25 years Pioneer DJ been making DJ equipment, software, and music production tools that have been used by everyone from bedroom DJs to super stars. The DDJ-200 offers anyone regardless of their musical or technical knowledge an intuitive way to make the step into mixing music. Designed with beginners and hobbyists in mind, the DDJ-200 controller is compatible with a variety of music streaming apps and offers access to features that simplifies many aspects of DJing. You can use the DDJ-200 to mix tracks at home or on the go, just hook up the DDJ-200 to your iPhone and mix songs from your iTunes via the Pioneer DJ app, WeDJ. Or connect the software to SoundCloud Go+ and Beatport’s new Beatport LINK streaming service to access huge online resource of music. You can also Download Algoriddim’s djay iOS/Android app and you can use tracks from Spotify (Premium account required), and just to give you more choice you can also download MWM SAS’s edjing Mix iOS/Android app and gain access to content from SoundCloud and Deezer. As ever Pioneer DJ have ergonomically laid the buttons and dials on the DDJ-200 to mimic  the style of their professional DJ equipment to make it easier for you to get hands-on and find all the controls you need to perform. To help you get to grips with DJing as quickly as possible, Pioneer DJ have added the Tutorial and Transition FX features to WeDJ for iPhone, both of which are popular with beginners. The DDJ-200 really does open the doors to the beginner DJ and price at point never seen from the industry leader in DJ technology. 


1. Multi-app compatibility and support for music streaming services Connect the DDJ-200 to your smartphone, tablet, or PC/Mac, choose your favorite from a number of compatible DJ apps such as WeDJ, MWM SAS’s edjing Mix, and Algoriddim’s djay and control tracks stored on your device. Some streaming services are supported too, so you can discover music from numerous genres in vast online catalogs. Even better, when connected to the DDJ-200, you can enjoy free use of all the features in rekordbox dj and WeDJ for iPhone that normally incur in-app billing. 


2. Tutorial and Pop-Hint features to help beginners enjoy DJing Combine the DDJ-200 with WeDJ for iPhone to use the Tutorial feature which summarizes the basics of DJing. Find out how to connect the controller to your devices, and how to use various features and effects, and pick up tips on performance techniques. WeDJ for iPhone also offers the Pop-Hint feature that explains the functions of buttons without switching screens. If you’ve never handled DJ hardware before, these features will help you get up and running, and performing, in no time.

3. Transition FX – world’s first feature on a controller enabling easy performing of professional-sounding mixes in various styles The DDJ-200 is the world’s first DJ controller to reproduce various patterns of DJ mixes between tracks for people with no experience behind the decks. Activate the Transition FX feature in WeDJ, choose from 11 patterns, and simply slide the crossfader to switch from one track to the next via a professional-standard transition.
4. Phrase Sync – world’s first feature on a controller for easy, natural switches between tracks Our phrase analysis algorithms will analyze the composition of your tracks and detect phrases. When you tap the dedicated buttons in WeDJ for iPhone, Phrase Sync uses the information from this analysis to align the start and end positions of the phrases in two tracks so you can be sure it will sound natural when you switch between them. The DDJ-200 is the world’s first DJ controller to offer this kind of feature.
5. Compact, lightweight body for DJing anytime, anywhere Take the DDJ-200 wherever you want, thanks to its lightweight and slim body. There’s no need to carry speakers because you can play sound from the built-in speaker of your smartphone, tablet, or PC/Mac. And the DJ controller can be powered via a power bank so you don’t even need to stay close to an outlet.

6. Split output for DJ performances Use split cables to separate the audio output of your smartphone, tablet, or PC/Mac into master and monitor outputs. This enables you to check audio via your headphones, e.g., cueing the next track, while the crowd hears the master sound playing through the speakers.

WeDJ, djay and Edjing Mix all connect to the DDJ-200 via Bluetooth MIDI. All audio processing is done via a users Smart Device as the DDJ-200 does not have a sound card. The Master and Headphones audio output can be split from a users Smart Device using the provided Audio Splitter Cable


Can I use my Smart Device Bluetooth for the WeDJ Master Output? 

• This is possible, but you will experience audio latency and hear both the Headphones and Master Output at the same time as you can't split Bluetooth audio. If you disable ‘Split Output’ via WeDJ settings, you would have just the WeDJ Master Output transmitting via Bluetooth correctly, although with audio latency and no Headphones Output. For these reasons, we suggest using an Audio Splitter cable for the best product experience.

 Is an Audio Splitter cable provided in the box? 

• Yes. Does Bluetooth MIDI have latency? • Some, but generally unnoticeable as the data being transmitted is only control data and not audio. 

Is the Master Output of WeDJ MONO?

 • Yes, this is because an iPhone only has x1 Stereo Output. In order to achieve a Headphones Output at the same time, the Left Channel becomes the Master Output, the Right Channel becomes the Headphones Output.


Tell me more about ‘Dongle USB’.
 • As the DDJ-200 supports rekordbox dj along with WeDJ, we wanted to ensure that users could enter into the rekordbox ecosystem with as little friction as possible. After downloading and installing rekordbox, once the DDJ-200 is connected via USB, PERFORMANCE mode (rekordbox dj) will automatically activate without the need to enter or register a rekordbox dj licence key. 
Can my ‘Dongle USB’ activated rekordbox dj work with other Pioneer DJ controllers?
 • No, a license key must be purchased. The only controllers that support ‘Dongle USB’ are the DDJ-200 and DDJ-800. 
Is the ‘Dongle USB’ rekordbox dj the same as the normal rekordbox dj? 
• Yes. But with many hardware limitations. For example, users can’t load music from the DDJ-200, loop, monitor levels etc. (please see slide 49). The main missing feature is the sound card. Users need to split audio from a PC/Mac running rekordbox dj via the 3.5mm headphone port using the provided Audio Splitter cable. This method is not ideal for connecting speakers and especially headphones. This helps protect the DDJ-400 as a upgrade option along with limited DDJ-200 hardware controls.
Is WeDJ 2.0 (iPhone) free?
 • Yes. We have dropped the €0.99 charge
As the DDJ-200 does not have Pad Mode buttons how do I enable the different Pad functions when using rekordbox dj? 
• The DDJ-200 Performance Pads are multifunctional and changed via using the mouse/trackpad in rekordbox dj. The latest version of rekordbox released on the 14th May will have Quick Access buttons to enable HOT CUE, BEAT LOOP, PAD FX1 and SAMPLER. These Quick Access buttons will appear at the bottom of the Browser when the DDJ-200 is connected via Dongle USB (please see slide 21).
When will WeDJ 2.0 for Android be available? 
• July 2019 (TBC).
 Can the DDJ-200 be powered by mobile battery pack?
 • Yes.
Will the DDJ-200 work with the free versions of djay and edjing Mix? 
• Yes. Although with some application feature limitations due to the subscription plans available.




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