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Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 High-torque direct drive professional DJ turntable

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Well it has been rumored for a while and now we can tell you yes Pioneer have developed a DJ turntable . The new Pioneer PLX - 1000 is due for release mid August 2014. The industry has been missing a high grade DJ turntable since Technics stop producing the legendary 1210 turntable and many have asked is there a need for a DJ turntable in today's digital DJ revolution ? Well we think so and Pioneer have given us the answer. This turntable is a professional piece of kit and has been built to a standard that is expected for a DJ record deck , the PLX-1000 will be a perfect match up for the DJM range of mixers and will be perfect to hook up with the DJM 900  SRT mixer allowing digital control using time code. The sound quality on this deck has had some tweeking and the classic s-shaped tone arm has been inner lined with rubber to eliminate feedback which can occur when using a turntable in a environment with a powerful sound system .  Unique to this turntable is the multi-pitch tempo control. Next to a standard variable width of ±8%, you can also select a variable width from ±16% and ±50%. A simple reset button instantly reverts to the fixed rotation speed at ±0%. For low impendance and amazing sound quality output, you can easily connect to the professional-grade, gold-plated RCA jacks. Ideal for a DJ on the road, the PLX-1000 has interchangeble power and audio cables. The PLX 1000 is a direct drive turn table which has very high torque motor which boasts 33? rpm in merely 0.3 seconds thanks to a starting torque of 4.5kg/cm. If your a purist vinyl junky or a digital DJ using Time code , this deck will be your perfect partner . 

The Plx-1000 comes with :

• Slip mat and sheet

• Dust cover

• Head shell

• Balance, sub and shell weights

• Audio cable

• Ground wire


High-torque direct drive (33? rpm in 0.3 seconds) Classic DJ turntable layout

Removable power, ground and phono cables S-shaped tone arm

Multiple tempo control options: ±8%, ±16% and ±50%

Tempo reset button

Solid build for excellent vibration damping

Professional-grade gold-plated RCA jacks 

Rubber-lined tone arm to improve isolation and prevent feedback

Power requirements

AC 220-240V, 50 Hz/60 Hz

Power consumption

9 W

Main unit weight

13.1 kg

Maximum dimensions 

(W x H x D)

453 x 159 x 353 mm


RCA × 1


Drive method

Quartz lock servo type direct drive Motor

3-phase brushless DC motor

Braking system

Electronic brake

Rotation speed

33? rpm, 45 rpm

Rotation speed adjustment range

±8%, ±16%, ±50%

Wow and flutter

0.1% or less WRMS (JIS WTD)

S/N ratio

70 dB (DIN-B)


Aluminium die-casting diameter: 332 mm

Starting torque

4.5 kg/cm or more

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PLX-1000 High-torque direct drive professional DJ  turntable
Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 High-torque direct drive professional DJ turntable
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