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Pioneer DJ PLX-500-W Direct Drive Turntable with Speakers DM-40W Bundle

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Check this package out perfect for the vinyl lover, and everything you need to listen to your records at home, with no need for any extra bits , just plug the deck direct in to the speakers and your done. You can also connect the deck to your computer/laptop and record your vinyl to mp3, just brilliant . 

a new direct drive turntable to offer a more versatile vinyl solution for DJing

and leisurely listening at a competitive price. The PLX-500 is ready to use straight out of

the box thanks to its line output, which lets you plug it into your sound system or powered

speakers with no need for an external amplifier.

Drawing on our heritage in making high-quality decks, the PLX-500 inherits the layout of

the PLX-1000 professional turntable and produces warm, clear analogue sound. The hightorque

deck is ideal for scratching and comes with everything you need including a

cartridge, stylus and slipmat, and its USB out means you can easily make high-quality

digital recordings of your vinyl collection in our free rekordbox software. You can use the

PLX-500 and the rekordbox dvs Plus Pack to play and scratch digital files when you

combine them with a compatible DJM mixer and the RB-VS1-K Control Vinyl. And you can

choose between the black (PLX-500-K) and white (PLX-500-W) versions to match your setup


or the design of your home.


The compact DM-40 desktop monitors bring excellent audio quality to your home setup. They inherit the best from our professional S-DJX series and Pro Audio speakers, including a front-loaded bass reflex system for a rich, tight bass and DECO* technology for a wider reach and sweet spot.

All these features are combined in a compact design making the DM-40 the perfect match for DJing, producing and simply enjoying music at home.

* Diffusion Effectual Convexity by Olson


4-inch fiberglass woofers output a strong, punchy bass from the front, while grooves on the ducts reduce air friction. This way you'll feel a tight bass kick even when the monitors are positioned against the wall.


The DM-40's ¾-inch soft dome tweeters are fitted with DECO convex diffusers that channel high frequencies in every direction. So you’ll enjoy a wide sweet spot and 3D stereo sound wherever you sit or stand.


Class AB amplifiers deliver a crisp sound with low-distortion. Plus the tweeter and woofer are perfectly aligned to eliminate crossover and ensure a well-balanced response across the frequencies.

Ease of use

A headphone output and volume knob on the front panel give you flexibility and control, while the RCA and stereo mini jack inputs on the back let you easily connect the speakers to your DJ or production kit.



High-quality analogue vinyl sound

The PLX-500 series inherits design features from the PLX-1000 professional turntable to produce the high-quality sound you expect

from vinyl. The shortest possible audio routing from the stylus to the outputs reduces distortion, and the phono and line outputs mean

you can connect directly to your sound system or powered speakers to enjoy warm sound.

Easy digital recording

An in-built USB output means you can record your vinyl collection to high-quality digital WAV files by simply connecting the PLX-500

to your PC or Mac. Digitising your tracks is easy using our free rekordbox application and, once they’re in your rekordbox collection,

you can play them using the PLX-500 and a rekordbox dvs set-up, or on a DDJ controller, or on CDJs via USB. You can also enjoy them

on your mobile devices whenever you want. Using its audio analysis technology, rekordbox detects the silence between tracks and

creates a separate file in your collection for each one, so you can just press play and record a whole album from an analogue source to

individual tracks without resetting the recording in between songs. After you’ve finished recording you can name and tag all your new


High-torque direct drive turntable for DJ performances and rekordbox dvs

The high-torque, direct drive PLX-500 is ideal for mixing and scratching on. You can also combine it with the rekordbox dvs Plus Pack

to play and perform with your digital files when using a compatible DJM mixer and the RB-VS1-K Control Vinyl (available separately).

Dust cover with record sleeve stand

You can enjoy the vinyl sound of your records and their artwork at the same time thanks to the dust cover that incorporates a stand for

displaying record sleeves when open.

Layout inherited from the PLX-1000 professional turntable

The PLX-500 inherits its slick design from the professional PLX-1000 turntable and you can choose between the black (PLX-500-K)

and white (PLX-500-W) versions to match the colour of your gear or the interior of your home.


Arm type

Universal type S-shape tone arm, gimbalsupported

type bearing structure, static

balance type

Effective length 230.5mm

Overhang 16mm

Tracking error Within 3°

Arm height adjustable range 6mm

Stylus pressure variable range 0g to 4.0g (1 scale 0.1g)

Proper cartridge weight 9.5g or less (single cartridge)

Cartridge type VM


Slip mat, Dust cover, Adapter for EP record,

Balance weight, Head shell (cartridge

included), Shell weight, Power cord, USB

cable, Audio adapter cable (Stereo pin plug

(female) to stereo mini plug (male)) and


Operating instructions

dm-40 speakers

Included Accessories

Power cord

Speaker cable (for left/right channel connection)

Operating instructions


Dimensions (W x H x D)

Left ch: 146 x 227 x 223 mm

Right ch: 146 x 227 x 210 mm


Left ch: 2.7 kg

Right ch: 2.2 kg

Amplifier Output


10 k?

Power Consumption

35 W

Power Consumption (Standby)





1 HEADPHONE MONITOR (1/4 inch Jack)

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