Pioneer XDJ-XZ The Ultimate Rekordbox DJ Controller

Have we got news for you! Pioneer DJ Have released there hottest product of 2019. Wow is this something special. The XDJ-XZ is a cut above for the mobile and performance DJ, being a far superior product for all bedroom, events and nightclub playing, with some high class features. Prepare to be amazed.

What a game changer! With a combined feel of the RX-2 and DDJ-1000 this is what you call a PRO piece of kit. This hybrid controller is a standalone unit as well as laptop controlled. 

Let’s talk about these magnificent features that this product has to offer! With full size jog-wheels (CDJ-NXS2 style) lets be sure you can perform to your full potential with the capability that Pioneer are known for supplying to DJ’s around the globe. In-jog displays to enable an accurate performance. This controller will also feature a central screen display same as the RX2 making performing a lot easier as you can be directed by your WAV form specially if using USB. 

4 Channel mixer? Be sure that there is. 2 channels of standalone/Laptop control plus 2 channels of multiple input and laptop control, with a DJM-900NXS2 look with features including beat and colour hardware effects. 

Do you want the best output and sound out of your performance? Well look no further. With it’s built in High quality audio soundcard the XDJ-XZ is going to impress your audience wherever you take it.  

This unit alone is compatible with BOTH rekordboxDJ (license included) AND Serato DJ. Let’s dig deeper! Are you a user of DVS (digital vinyl system?) well the XDJ-RZ is the perfect solution for your DJing needs and experiences with this all new digital method.

Pro DJ link? Be sure to find that here with the new XDJ-XZ. For those who don’t understand Pro DJ link it will be worth a good research to understand this feature, But in a nutshell Pro DJ link is a solid and powerful protocol that Pioneer DJ has developed and fine-tuned over the years, basically it lets you share metadata between four or more units, load music from a computer or phone, or even convert every action of the players in MIDI commands using third-party software. 

Sometimes one microphone just isn’t enough? The XDJ-XZ features a 2 input Microphone input with a standard 3 band EQ feature on each input and there is a lot more considerable features across the board. 

Price point =£1899.00