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 Providing Service Since 1981

Phase One DJ Store has a small but very dedicated team, we may not be the largest outfit but we truly believe we punch well above our weight when comes to customers service and advice . DJ equipment and professional sound and lighting equipment is a not simple thing and we are more than happy to guide any of  our customers through the mine field of what we can offer. We may have a web site but we are bricks and mortar shop that is fully stocked with loads of kit on demo with a dedicated team  on hand to assist you get the right bit of kit. 

Mike Stead :
Position : MD or THE BIG KAHUNA (this does not mean he sits in a big chair behind a desk). 

Role: Everything from hoovering to purchasing 

Likes: Cycling / DJing / House Music / Mrs Mike
Specialist subjects : Traktor / Rekordbox / Lighting / Sound 
About: Mike has grown up in the business and took over the family run DJ store in 2003 and proceeded to take the business in to the digital era and started selling on the internet via www.djanddiscostuff.com. Mike really wanted to get the Phase One name out there and he was one of the first people to demonstrated DJ equipment on YOUTUBE with his on down to earth simple no nonsense approach the shop got a great reputation very quickly. Phase One went from strength to strength and went on to win a couple of local business awards for ecommerce. It was not long before the shop moved to new premises still the heart of the North East in Darlington with great access from  Teesside / Middlesborough / Sunderland / Newcastle and surrounding areas like Durham. With extra space the brands on offer grew with names like Pioneer DJ, Electro Voice and American DJ to name a few all getting on board. 

Mike Quotes: Service, service, service & People buy from People 
Julie Stead:
Position : Company Secretary   
Role : All things paperwork related.   
Likes : Squash, horses, houses, my family, Mr.Stead
About : Thrown into the family business and take care of any thing paperwork related, wages, VAT etc, and anything that no one else likes to do. Also work in the shop looking after customers and answering the telephone, until its time for the school run.
Julie Quotes: Happy Happy Happy & Do It Now not TOMORROW ! it just won't do !
Nathan Fooks:
Position: External Sales & Installation Manager 
Role: Anything from installing Pro Audio systems to making a good brew! Oh & everything in-between!
Likes: Power Tools / Alcohol / Heights 
Specialists Subjects:  Pro Audio & Lighting Sales & Installation  
About: Nathan joined the company at the age of 12 as a Saturday lad, looking after customers, answering the telephone & picking up tips and tricks of the trade along the way. Nathan has been full time with us since he left school and 10 years on he has become a invaluable asset to the team. You can often find Nathan with a smile on his face doing what he loves best, out & about in our local area looking after our B2B customers, Up a ladder fixing speakers to walls or on the shop floor & the telephone. 
Nathan Quotes: Good things come to those who go out and earn it!