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Technics Technics SL1210-mk7 Turntable

Code: SL-1210 MK7
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Here we have the brand new Technics SL1210-mk7 turntable. this is the latest and hottest Technics high torque turntable designed to live up to a DJ's determination. With its enhanced reliability this product features a brand new coreless direct drive motor alongside a opulence of sound Enhancing technologies.

The original Technics SL1210 was first released in 1972 and since its release it has built a reputation as being the most popular used turntable of its time selling over 3.5 million copies. To this day the famous 1210 by technics is still the most critically acclaimed turntable for the DJ’s Use. 

This latest product has been designed with a outstanding S shaped tone arm which is designed to read the record grooves more accurately. The tone arm features a Machined housing as well as the high precision bearing that will ensure exceptional tracking performance with minimal stylus jumping.

 It features some distinguished characteristics in which they prevent any harmful or unwanted Vibrations being broadcasted, giving you the cleanest and clearest sound possible. It also features gold plated phono terminals which minimise the degradation of your sound quality. Not only that! But this product for a first time, features detachable phono/power leads, which makes this product a lot more durable, making it a lot easier for you to maintain.

What’s new? The SL-1210 MK7 is equipped with a newly designed Stylus illuminator. It features a push type structure and is furnished with a super bright and long life white LED. This will allow you to be able to place the needle exactly where you need it to be, even in the darkest of environments.

The SL1210-Mk7 supplies you with a range of enhanced Features which will ensure you an ease of use at all times. The micro computer works alongside advanced motor control technology that offers a more accurate response when engaging a mixture of DJ styles, Such as Scratching and beat matching.

To conclude the Brand new Technics SL1210-Mk7 lets call attention to the highly-sleek matte black body that gives a professional, stylish and sophisticated Appearance. This turntable still withstands the original button lay out. giving you the ease of use that your used too.




• High torque direct drive motor

• 8 / 16 % pitch range

• Pitch reset switch

• Reverse play

• Adjustable start and stop time

• 33, 45 amd 78 RPM

• Improved motor

• Improved audio isolation

• LED cue lamp

• Switch LEDs can be set to blue or red

• Slipmat included• Detachable audio and power cables

-Stable, smoother and more reliable
-Coreless direct drive
-Digital pitch control 
-New circuitry offer
-Precise adjustment
High-Precision Motor Controller
High-Dumping Turntable Platter
Rigid Cabinet Construction
High-Dumping Insulator
High Sensitive Tonearm 
Detachable PHONO Terminal
Inherited SL-1200 Series
Drive Method: Direct Drive
Turntable Speeds: 33 1/3, 45rpm (with switch 78 rpm)
Starting Torque: 0.18N?m / 1.8kg?cm (1.56 lbs-in)
Build-up Characteristics: 0.7 s. from standstill to 33 1/3 rpm
Wow and Flutter: 0.025%?W.R.M.S.
Turntable Platter: Aluminum die-cast
o Diameter?332mm (13-5/64")
o Weight?Approx. 1.8kg (4.0 lbs) (Including slipmat and slipsheet)
Type: Universal, Static Balance
Effective Length: 230mm (9-1/16")
Overhang: 15mm (19/32")
Tracking Error Angle:  
Within 2° 32'?(at the outer groove of 30cm(12") record) 
Within 0° 32'?(at the inner groove of 30cm(12") record)
Offset Angle: 22° • Arm Height Adjustment Range: 0 - 6mm
Stylus Pressure Adjustment Range: 0 - 4g (Direct Reading)
Head Shell Weight: Approx. 7.6g
Applicable Cartridge Weight Range:  
[without auxiliary weight] 5.6 - 12.0g (14.3 - 20.7g (including head shell))
Head Shell Terminal Lug: 1.2mm? 4-pin terminal lug
Audio Output: PHONO (Pin Jack) x 1, EARTH TERMINAL x 1
Power Supply: 
Power Consumption: 8W (Approx. 0.2W (Standby))
Dimensions (W x H x D): 453 x 169 x 353mm (17-27/32 × 6-21/32 × 13-29/32 inch)
Weight: Approx. 9.6kg (Approx. 21.2lbs)
Turntable, Slipmat, Slipsheet, Dust cover, EP record adaptor, Balance weight, Head shell, Screw set for cartridge, PHONO cable, PHONO earth lead, AC power supply cord, Owner's Manual

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