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Want To Upgrade ? Got A Trade ?


  • Are you looking to upgrade your DJ controller, mixer or media player ?
  • Maybe we can help ! 

Say hello to ... PART EX PAUL



Pioneer mixers, CDJs and controllers , and items like that from other brands like Denon and Allen&Heath and Technics turntables. 

Paul is not interested in PA equipment or Lighting equipment 


  1. Drop us an email at with the subject PART EX. Or you can fill in the form at the bottom of this page, but it will not let you send pictures, but we will email you back requesting pictures.  
  2. In that email tell us what you have to trade and what new item you want.
  3. Tell us what condition your item is in, mention things like, Where has it been used ? example home use only or night club bar usage. Tell us as much as possible like do you have the original box and packing and all bits like manuals and any software license keys. The more you can tell us the better Pauls evaluation will be. 
  4. Please send pictures and high light any marks you know of (cause paul will find them ;).


  • We will inspect the pictures and information you have given us in the email.
  • We will make you a preliminary offer base purely on the info and pictures given. 
  • if this offer interests you please get back in touch as we will need to arrange inspection of your equipment
  • You can bring your equipment to our store in Darlington via an appointment so PART EX PAUL can be there to inspect and test your equipment if Paul is happy he will pay us the amount offered and we will deduct that payment from your new purchase.

PLEASE NOTE ! If Paul is not happy with the condition of the equipment and feels you have not described item accurately in the emails, the offer could be revised down , so please be honest as we dont want to disappoint you.


  1. What if i do not like the offer? We will always try to offer a best trade price for your equipment but if your not happy with the offer no problem you don't have to accept it and we can go our separate ways with no hard feelings. 
  2. I don't live local can i send my equipment in for Paul to evaluate? This can be done but you will be responsable for courier costs and we always advise you use and insured courier as we accept no responsibility for damaged items that arrive at the store. So sending items will be at your risk. 
  3. Can i just have the cash Paul offers me ? In some cases yes but you must tell us at 1st contact your not looking upgrade to new equipment and we will decide if we can help you.   We will always try to offer a best trade price for your equipment.
  4. Is this best deal for me? You may get more selling your equipment privately yourself. But this is the easiest and quickest way to sell your old DJ gear - no ebay auctions or seller fees . No waiting around and having strangers come to your home to view your DJ gear. No risk of your item not selling and its value decreasing  over time. we will take it off your hands immediately . Part-exchanging with us is safer, more secure and more convenient than selling to just anyone via auction or web market places.