Wharfedale Pro TITAN 12d Tour Bags single/each black

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The Titan™ Tour Bag is a padded nylon zippered carry bag that protects your Titan™ loudspeaker. The Titan™ Tour Bag provides extra protection during transit, in addition it is designed for use during operation in outdoor and demanding indoor applications


The front of the Tour Bag can be removed, revealing a heavy duty mesh screen that protects the transducers during use. This screen keeps the Titan™ secure and allows operation while the loudspeaker is still enclosed in the Tour Bag. The front panel is held in place by heavy duty velcro and facilitates quick setup.


An additional velcro sealed access panel is located over the input panel and allows full connectivity and adjustment of controls while the Titan™ is still protected. There is an entry point at the bottom of the bag that allows use of the Titan™ pole mount while the loudspeaker is still protected by the Tour Bag.


Velcro sealed access panels for each of the handles aid transportation and ensure that the weight of the Titan™ is distributed through the rubberised carry handles, just as the designers intended.


A Titan Tour Bag will help to protect your Titan loudspeaker in use and transit for many years to come. Follow the step by step guide below to fit your Titan Tour Bag.


Firstly before attempting to cover a Titan inspect the Tour Bag and Titan loudspeaker for any signs of damage.


Remove the velcro fastened front panel and lay the tour bag onto a stable surface with the mesh front panel facing upwards.


Unzip and open the main compartment of the Titan Tour Bag. Fold the front panel outwards. Ensure all of the velcro flaps are closed neatly.


Place the Titan into the Tour Bag, take care to ensure that the Titan is correctly orientated in the Tour Bag.


Check that the lockable pole mount receptacle of the Titan is inline with the access point on the Tour Bag.


Pull the sides of the Tour Bag upwards, you will have to pull them up very tight as the Tour Bag is intentionally very tight. This is essential for use during audio operation, as a loose bag will create unwanted noise.


Use the zip to close the main compartment of the Titan Tour Bag, take care with tightening the zip.


Attach the velcro section of the front panel to the edge of the mesh front.  


You are now ready to transport your Titan loudspeaker. Use the velcro fastened access panels near the carry handles to make transportation easy. When you arrive at your venue follow the following steps to prepare for your performance:


Remove the velcro fastened front panel and store in a safe place.


Place your Titan loudspeaker into position using the access panels and integral carry handles.


Open the input panel access point using the velcro strips. You are now free to make your wiring connections.

This fits the Wharfedale Titan 12D

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