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As we all know 2019 brought an outstanding professional range of products from the PRIME series at DENON DJ, The PRIME 4 being one of them. As well as a range of pro hardware equipment there was a range of functionality software’s and WIFI-activated and enabled for TIDAL music streaming services. These products and features still stand as a step beyond in the new world of Digital DJing.

What’s new? Well as we enter the new year of 2020 Denon DJ have been quick to have their wits about them. As it goes Denon are set to release some of the most exciting products of the year with brand new players and mixing consoles with some luxurious features. Denon know how serious music is to you, when designing and mastering these products they have one mind set and that’s to make your performance the very best that it can be. If you are a DJ yourself you will know how pioneer DJ can quite honestly dominate this industry with their product range, whether you’re in the night club or watching your favourite DJ live or watching them on videos, Pioneer DJ will defiantly be on show and there is no getting away from that. The moral of the story is Denon DJ is equally as good in producing professional range of products, and it’s really up to yourself as the performer to which product brand you are more naturally suited to. For instance, what feels the most comfortable to use, which functionalities and features compliment your work? Most of all what really works for you. It’s very important that you try all options available on today’s market, and don’t just limit yourself to a certain brand.

denon dj prime sc6000


denon dj prime x1850 mixer


denon dj prime sc6000m


THE ALL NEW SC6000 & SC6000M

To get things started lets run over some of the key features that make these products a supreme upgrade in the professional department of DJing equipment. Well... the SC6000 and SC6000M are nigh on the same product in some aspects, the major difference being that the SC6000M is a motorized player, getting that more accurate vinyl feel from a digital player making it a cut above the rest. That a side denon have smashed this one out of the park with some specialized improvements from the previous SC5000+SC5000M. These new players will feature a 10.1” touch screen display on either one of them making it a lot more accessible and visual for that matter. The jog wheels stand at around 8.5” with a large surface area for platter manipulation; again it’s the same with the SC6000M except the motorized platter has torque adjustment. As it goes both these brand new players have very similar features with a few minor differences. All lay outs on both units are identical the main difference being the motorized platter. Some identical features that they share is stand alone track preview, they both play uncompressed audio formats being (FLAC, ALAC, WAV), They feature a built in internal HDD drive bay to store music onboard. Another major feature in my eyes is how they feature a built in WIFI and wired internet connectivity for music streaming. Now this seems to be getting more and more popular. The professional media players are powered by Engine OS, but they also analyse other major software’s including Rekordbox. There will also be a future update on the product known as Serato DJ pro controller mode. That’s just a list of some of the key features found on the SC6000+SC6000M, to conclude this short description you really need to try these players for yourself, getting a accurate judgement from a hands on approach, look no further than Phase one DJ store where they will be demonstrated in our showroom where you can come down and have a play and also ask some further questions and choose the suitable player for you.


Let’s talk about that all important mixer which is the heart of all set ups. Well I must say the new X1850 DJ mixer from denon DJ has a very admirable approach. Being a Professional DJ club mixer it brings all those comforts with it, reassuring you that your hard work meets a professional standard. Like all PRIME products the X1850 is powered from a standard locking IEC power connection. Let’s get straight into some of the key features this mixer comes supplied with... Well, it’s a 4 channel digital mixer with (4) phono/line switchable channels, it features a beats per minute FX section with frequency controlled band isolation. The housing itself is a road tough rugged metal construction making it a road worthy mixer and will with stand travel and transport. The old X1800 mixer is still a very good mixer with a lot of accessibility and pro features, so to be honest there hasn’t been a major change with the look of the new X1850 mixer. Forgetting that there have been some major changes to its playability with 16 pro-level BPM FX with new FX quantise control, also a new feature known as ‘MIDI start with clock’ which is a feature for syncing external instruments. It features a real expressive EQ- where you can choose from classic or isolation modes and an adjustable filter resonance control. Rugged but smooth channel line faders making movement easy but still allows grip for accuracy. You can also adjust the tension on Denon DJ’s flex fader which can be a very useful feature. This is just a few of the major changes denon have made to their professional mixers, you really need to get your hands on one of these to have a real opinion on the quality of the hands on experience and also to hear the quality of sound that they provide, As it goes Phase one DJ store will have these on full demonstration so come on down and have a look and listen for yourself.





The Denon prime GO is something very new to the DJing market and is quite a Unique product with in its own right, because there’s nothing like it on the market that features the same functionality. So as it stands the denon prime GO is a rechargeable battery powered, standalone engine controlled and WIFI streaming unit. With its rugged design and ultraportable approach you can honestly take the PRIME GO anywhere in the world with you in a reasonable sized back pack and away you go, with up to 4 hours battery life with no chargers or power leads plugged in. The prime GO features a 7” HD touch screen making your DJing a lot more tactical when searching your digital media, library navigation, waveform views and much more. Not only that but the PRIME GO is WIFI streaming enabled for streaming your music and also allows you onboard recording facilities straight to a USB/SD card. There’s no compromise when it comes to the PRIME GO, Small in size but BIG in connectivity, Workflow and Professional standard audio. Like everything else in the prime range you can expect dual FX power, filters, multi functioning performance pads, dual microphones and flexible monitoring and powerful mixing and audio controls. It also features pro-grade connectivity like StagelinQ which is perfect for Event/pro DJ lighting & video control. In my opinion the brand new PRIME GO is the perfect product right from a beginner up to professional standard, which ever DJ this attracts the most they can be reassured that the prime GO will leave you feeling satisfied with your mixes and most of all sounding like a pro.



Well the denon Prime 2 is another new product release of 2020 from the prime series at denon, yet again this is another cut above for the mobile disco and performance DJ. The essential Mobile DJ workhorse! The Denon prime 2, could this be the ultimate two channel standalone unit? Let’s find out. So in a nut shell the prime 2 is a two channel version of the prime 4. So let’s dive into some key features, the prime 2 features a 7” multi gesture touch display, making your workflow and track navigation a lot easier.  It features all those well known luxuries that we all know so well, 3 band EQ’s, Filters, FX, Performance pads, 2 Microphone channels, tactile play and cue buttons, full size tempo and pitch control, track skip/beat jump and stunning 6” touch capacitive jog wheels. It also features a SATA port bay allowing you to put a internal hard drive loaded inside the unit, allowing you to rock up anywhere and your music automatically be stored inside of the prime 2, as well as 3 USB ports and a SD card slot, Everything you need to store and play your music in a simple workflow. Not just that but you can also stream music from TIDAL inside of the Prime 2 software which will also be updating to allow you to stream from Sound cloud, beatport and beatsource, which is a huge step forward for DJ technology. On the back of the unit you have a 2 channel L/R output on XLR going to your DJ booth for monitoring and also a 2 channel L/R output on XLR for your master out .And more Pro grade connectivity including StagelinQ and Headphone channels on the ¼”and 1/8” jacks. This could be simply ground breaking and a lot more versatile for the ‘mobile DJ’ on the road who may have a lot of equipment to set up, it’s a lot more of a compact and portable Unit packed with the same functionalities and qualities as the PRIME 4, If you are a mobile DJ constantly on the road and are looking for the qualities the prime 4 but in a more effortless manner for set up & spacious reasons the all new PRIME 2 will certainly be the product for you!