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Take A Tour & Meet The Team

 Providing Service Since 1981 Phase One DJ Store has a small but very dedicated team, we may not be the largest outfit but we truly believe we punch well above our weight when comes to customers service and advice . DJ equipment and professional sound and lighting equipment is a not simple thing and we are more than happy to guide any of  our customers through the mine field of what we can offer. We may have a web site but we are bricks and mortar shop that is fully... Read More


Equinox Hypnos A Hypnotic Light Effect

Well Phase DJ store was lucky enough to get preview of the Equinox Hypnos long before anyone else, as we spotted it on Prolight’s web site and thought wow this looks different. So a quick call to our rep from Prolight and he was kind enough to bring the only one Prolight had till the main shipment landed. If you don’t ask you don’t get and of course we promised to do a Mike @ Phase One video As soon as we got my hands on the unit we thought,... Read More


Retailer Of The Year

Yes we did it! And we are delighted to tell you all, we have won the award for best retailer at the Pro Mobile magazine Pro Mobile Awards which was held in Birmingham on Sunday 15th April 2018. There were several awards presented on the night for various categories and Phase One got best retailer. Phase One was nominated back in March and Pro Mobile magazine and they invited their readers to vote for several different awards including best retailer. Mike (MD) said “just to be nominated was great but... Read More


Meet the New Ortofon Concorde mk2 Line Up

We are pleased to announce a brand new range of DJ stylus and carts from industry leader Ortofon. The New concorde range, whilst it will looks familiar to the previous version, this is a a whole new product range from Ortofon. There is 5 new products in the line up , each with a clearly defined purpose, making it easier for the customer to get the item they need . The 1st to mention is the CONCORDE MIX this is the entry level product and takes over from the Pro’s... Read More



Well it finally arrived the highly anticipated RCF EVOX J8 the next addition in the RCF Evox range. So whats new on this item ? 1st thing that hits you is the J8 is a plastic cab, unlike earlier models that are wooden. Personally i would not let this put you off , as i think sometimes a plastic cab has its advantages especially when is comes to be tough and durable, perfect for life on the road, which ultimately this is what the Evox j8 is designed for .... Read More


Novopro PS1XL Adjustable Podium

This has got to be one of the hottest new lighting products of 2018, not a light as such more of a lighting stand. The Novopro PS1XL is a height adjustable podium perfect for mounting lighting fixtures like moving heads or the starball type effects like the Chauvet Rotosphere q3.  The podium is height adjust via a very simple mechanism that just works brilliantly . The PS1XL has been well made and thought out and seems to comes with everything you would need except the lights to place on it... Read More


Pioneer DJ Announce New Controller DDJ-1000

Well it looks like Pioneer are at it again releasing another ground breaking controller the DDJ-1000 for use with their industry standard software Rekordbox DJ and this controller is the perfect partner to the highly anticipated new version of that software which is been released around the 18th of January rekordbox 5.1. The controller seems to of inherited some of the features of the NXS2 range of products , with full sized jog wheels with added colour screens, which will be great for the DJ to get vital info on... Read More


DJ Equipment Bundle Builder

Here at Phase one we know there are so many combinations of pro sound and lighting equipment that can be configured , from sound systems , lighting systems to studio set ups . So if you looking for a particular combination of products , why not send us an email and we will be more than happy to provide you with a bundle deal . 

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Pioneer DJM900NXS2 Review @ Phase One DJ Store

Well Pioneer do it again and lead the way in DJ  tech with their latest release the DJM900 NXS2 . The DJ mixer has had a major over haul but has still managed to keep it familiar and ergonomic layout. You will step up to this mixer and feel right at home . We have got the DJM900 NXS2 in store and we could not wait to get the video camera out to and  get busy with new bit of kit .   The main improvements have be definitely on... Read More

Rekordbox DJ – is This the ultimate DJ solution ?

Pioneer have announced the launch of Rekordbox DJ, for those not familiar with the Rekordbox concept , up until now you could only use it with Rekordbox compatible products like CDJ 2000 Nexus and XDJ products from the Pioneer product range . The Rekord Box software was basically a database management system allowing DJs to prepare set lists, save cue points and edit beat grids among many other features. Then the DJ would usually export the prepared set list to a USB memory device to use with CDJ’s or XDJ’s.... Read More