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Pioneer DJ Release The CDJ-3000

Well it has been a long time coming and there has been loads of chatter on the the internet and the all the questions can now ready to be answered as Pioneer Announce the next incarnation of what has become the industry standard if not industry legend, all hail the new CDJ-3000. But what does the next generation of CDJ have to offer and is it even a CDJ ?

So lets face facts Pioneer has dominated the DJ box for as long as we can remember and there will be generation of DJs that simply  have never known any other brand in the DJ box , yes there has been some serious contenders of late from the likes of Denon DJ and Rane and many others, but Pioneer still hold the the crown that is for sure . So with some much competition now in the arena Pioneer sure do have fight on their hands lets see if they still hold the crown and the crowd. 

So here we go lets look at what the generation has to offer 




Well at 1st glance you think there is not a lot changed here. Well thast the trick really as Pioneer have this ability with all their professional DJ equipment, once you have used and mastered one model you instantly recognize the next. The way Pioneer DJ layout all thire kit follows  an ergonomic layout familiar to the DJ making you feel right at home. But if you dig a little deep here you will find many changes, and lot of them are under the hood.    

So whats going on inside?

Advanced MPU

With the new MPU, we’ve not only revolutionized the way the CDJ is driven but also made it work in a smoother, more stable way than any of its predecessors. The MPU’s processing power has enabled us to bring exciting new functions that weren’t possible before and gives us scope to introduce more features via future updates. 


Pro DJ Link with Gigabit Ethernet

Thanks to the Gigabit Ethernet connection for Pro DJ Link, you can share and play audio files from USB devices and SD cards on up to six CDJ-3000 units when you combine them with the 6-channel mixer such as the DJM-V10.


Better screen visibility 

The maximum screen brightness has been improved by more than 150% compared to that on the CDJ-2000NXS2, so you can crank it up depending on the environment you’re playing in and improve visibility


Tougher components

The high-quality aluminum top plate and redesigned play, cue, and Hot Cue buttons are stronger than ever and the lockable V-Lock power cable*1 guards against accidental disconnections that could interrupt your show. The unit also comes with a high-quality digital cable that’s easy to handle and perfect for use in clubs and professional setups


 Enhanced audio design: Let your audience hear the true sound of the music and every nuance of your performance

We’ve poured more than 25 years’ worth of experience into creating the ultimate DJ sound, which faithfully reproduces the audio of each track as the producer intended it to be heard, while also reflecting the most intricate details of your performance.


The CDJ-3000 unifies internal audio calculation processing to 96 kHz/32-bit floating in all playable audio formats. As a result, the unit can capture the subtleties of the original sound source, including its depth and ambience, and even the slight changes in the timbre of the low range. Advanced audio processing technology such as variable speed playback, master tempo, and the new Key Shift function all help to create a more realistic representation of the spatial sound and a more musical bass sound than any other Pioneer DJ multi player has produced.

 To get the maximum performance from the DAC (digital-to-analog converter), we’ve carefully reviewed each part of the circuit that outputs analog audio and made various improvements. We’ve also tuned the digital audio to achieve optimum sound quality in the player as a whole by testing numerous different components to find the best possible design for key parts. As a result, we’ve drastically reduced digital noise to create a natural sound that the crowd will want to listen to for long sets – even at high volume.

Lets check that screen

Bigger and better than ever the CDJ-3000 has a 9 inch full colour high res touch screen with more features and shortcuts than you can shake a stick at. From those brilliant new wave forms to search facility this is massive improvement to the previous model. Features like track preview and stacked wave forms just make this screen an powerful tool that we believe is intuitive and you will feel right at home . 

Performance Perfection

This new Model boasts 8 new cue point buttons which have been moved to much easier and more accessible area of the play than what was on the previous model. The new buttons are located just below the screen and above the jog wheel. The buttons are colour coded and as they are close to the screen so you can reference the cue point positions easily to what is going on via the screen. 

Beat jump has now also been added and this feature allows you to jump through a track seamlessly and you can set how many bars the jumps are , this  tool when used correctly can provide some interesting performance opportunities perfect for those creative DJs.

Key sync and key shift make harmonic mixing a breeze the simple interface allows the CDJ-3000 to do the work for you and keep your mix harmonic . The Key shift feature is also very intuitive to use and used creatively will give some interesting effects to the mix . 

Keeping in the loop is easier that ever with dedicated loop 4 beat and 8 beat loop buttons, and the loop section offers odd numbered loop options to make polyrhythmic loops  to give on fly remix opportunities.

For a full list of specs and features and pricing of the new Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 head to our page here




Test Drive the new CDJ-3000

Here at Phase One we are Pioneer DJ pro partners and have the new CDJ-3000 on demo in our fully equipped DJ store. We are located in the heart of the North East in Darlington with easy access from the surrounding areas of Middlesbrough,Teesside,Durham,Newcastle and Sunderland. So if you want to get hands on with the new CDJ please visit 






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