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In this department of Phase One you will find industrial power connections and power distribution systems widely used within the sound & Light industry. We have Everything from standard connections to power distribution systems. 

Power Distribution for Events: What You Need to Know

When it comes to organizing events, ensuring that you have adequate power distribution is crucial. From concerts and festivals to corporate events and trade shows, the success of your event depends on having a reliable power supply. In this article, we'll discuss what power distribution is, why it's important, and the items you need to ensure a successful event.


What is Power Distribution?

Power distribution is the process of distributing electrical power from a source to multiple devices or systems. In the context of events, power distribution involves distributing power from the mains supply to various equipment and appliances such as lights, sound systems, and stage equipment.


Why is Power Distribution Important?

Without adequate power distribution, your event may suffer from power outages or equipment failures, which can lead to delays and even cancellations. In addition, improper power distribution can pose a safety risk to attendees, staff, and performers.


What Items are Required for Power Distribution at Events?

To ensure a successful event, you'll need the following items for power distribution:



A generator is an essential item for events held in locations without a reliable mains power supply. It's important to choose a generator with the appropriate capacity to meet your power requirements.


Distribution Board

A distribution board is used to distribute power from the generator or mains supply to various devices and systems. It typically includes a main switch, circuit breakers, and sockets.



Cables are used to connect the distribution board to the devices and systems that require power. It's important to choose cables with the appropriate capacity to handle the power load and to ensure that they're properly insulated.


Power Adapters

Power adapters are used to convert power from one type of socket to another. For example, you may need to convert a three-pin plug to a two-pin plug to connect equipment from different regions.


Surge Protectors

Surge protectors are used to protect equipment from power surges, which can occur when there's a sudden increase in voltage. They're essential for protecting sensitive equipment such as computers and audio equipment.


Cable Protectors

Cable protectors are used to protect cables from damage due to foot traffic, vehicles, or other hazards. They're important for ensuring the safety of attendees and staff, as well as for preventing damage to equipment.


In conclusion, power distribution is an essential aspect of event planning that can't be overlooked. By ensuring that you have the appropriate items for power distribution, you can minimize the risk of power outages and equipment failures, ensure the safety of attendees and staff, and ensure a successful event.