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Guide to Background Music System Installation

100v line sound systems

For many applications it is necessary to drive as many speakers as you can, using one single amplifier contributing a significant coverage to multiple areas. 100 volt systems engage a transformer in the amplifier to convert the output to high impedance and a corresponding transformer in each speaker to tap of the required power from the amplifier. Theoretically this allows a large number of speakers to be driven by one amplifier. Please ensure the speakers power are being tapped within the amplifiers output capacity which is usually 90% of the amplifiers maximum rated output.


Public address systems

A public address system is a means of sound reinforcement for relating speech and audible information to a group of people. This set up can be done a number of ways, from a single portable system inside a small room to and multi-room zoned system with multiple speaker arrays. 


Every public address venue has its own unique characteristics, there are many different speaker types and installation methods depending upon the architecture of the building, the ambient noise levels and coverage requirements. The main demands from any public speaker is a wide area coverage for efficient speech delivery.


A background music system is generally used for pleasant sounding playback of a recorded piece of material. Majority of public buildings such as shopping centres and hospitals just to name a few benefit from using background music systems. This helps create a ambience or mood for the service users. These systems will be uniquely tailored to suit the building and functions in much the same way as a Public address system. The main deliverance with a background music system is to be there and heard if you choose too and creates an atmosphere with in the area to avoid complete silence. You will find this range of systems work great in clubs, bars, retail outlets, restaurants, galleries, museums and leisure centres.  Background music systems are a beneficial method for many work places, it contributes to many different aspects whether that is attracting customers or light entertainment for people at work.  

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