Free UK Mainland Delivery On Orders Over £50

Why Do We Need Your Data ?

Here at Phase One we like to keep this simple with no complicated jargon. So why when placing an order or buying from us over phone do we need you data ? 


1. We need address information to deliver the goods 

2. We need an email address to keep you informed of the status of you order  e.g delivery times , errors etc 

3. We need a telephone number so we can communicate to you for any technical information you may require and for delivery notifications.

4.  We use your email to market special offers and news letters that are relevant to what we sell  . You can opt out of this at any time using this link

5. One of the main reasons we keep your contact information is for warranty purposes, so we have record of your purchase should something go wrong with it and we need to assist you. Also you can request copies of receipts at any time for any book keeping you may need to do.   




The simple answer is yes , but only when we need to. We never sell our share your data with anybody we don't need to. 

When do we need to share your data ?

  1. The only time we share your data is when we need to , so we can fulfil your order . 
  2. We will need to share your data with our courier company so they can deliver your parcel and send you notifications of status of the delivery
  3. You can apply for finance on our web site and we will need to pass your data to the finance provider. 

For further information on the companies we share your data with see bleow




Klarna,(finance provider) 



We use to ask our cutomers about the products and services and what kind of experience they have received from us. This somtimes helps others when deciding whether to buy from us or not.  We like to have feedback both positive and negative it lets us and the public know how we are doing.




We use a market leading e-commerce platform provided by industry leader Visualsoft . We use their secure servers to store all data including our actual web site , so security is of the highest importance. This is only place where your data is stored. 

For More information on our E-commerce provider

We never store card details either on line or instore 



Here at Phase One we are always on hand to help , we are small team that has always got the customer interests at heart, its how we manage to survive in today's huge market place . If you have any questions regards data or any other customer service issues please get in touch with any of the following people 

Mike Stead (md)

Nathan Fooks (sales manager)

Julie (accounts and customer service) 

or call us on 01325 480507



Telephone Orders 

When you call us to place an order , again we will need to collect data , like address,telephone number and email address. We use this data is exactly same way we use data when you place an order on line (see above). 

Shop in Store

if you come to our store and purchase an item , the sale assistant will ask you if you want to be added to our data base. You have the choice , its a simple yes or no answer . 

What are the advantages of been added to our data base ?

  1. We will keep and store a copy of your receipt with you name and address on it and email you a copy . This can be used as proof of purchase should you need to exchange or need any help with warranty issues with a product in the future. Also you can request copies of receipts at any time should you require  any for book keeping you may need to do . 
  2. Next time you visit it will make the process at check out easier and quicker
  3.  We will ask if we can email market to you any offers and deals , you can opt in or out and still be a registered customer 

What are the disadvantages of not been added to our data base?

        1. If you do not want to give any name or address or email when purchasing instore , its your choice entirely , you will be given a generic paper receipt , but then we will have no record of your purchase apart from your paper one, and if there are any issues such as proof of warranty you must rely on the paper receipt given, we would not be able to issue a copy or proove where the item had been bought. If something goes wrong with your item all our suppliers ask for proof of purchase for warranty reasons.