Equinox Hypnos A Hypnotic Light Effect

Well Phase DJ store was lucky enough to get preview of the Equinox Hypnos long before anyone else, as we spotted it on Prolight’s web site and thought wow this looks different. So a quick call to our rep from Prolight and he was kind enough to bring the only one Prolight had till the main shipment landed. If you don’t ask you don’t get and of course we promised to do a Mike @ Phase One video
As soon as we got my hands on the unit we thought, this is a well built bit of kit , with solid metal casing , it just felt it had been nicely made and will stand a life on the road and not drop to bits. The other thing that struck us was the size of the unit. The fixture width is only 10 inches across including bracket (left to right as you look at the fixture). Which means it is not going to fill your lighting bar. A small fixture with a big effect.
But it’s the actual effect the Hypnos creates that really caught our attention, probably the best way to describe is, it’s like a water ripple effect that changes colour and moves giving it a tunnel effect when projected on the wall . The fixture has 6 lens in a honeycomb arrangement on the front that rotates, that makes the water effect when projected on to a wall move, creating a hypnotic effect on the venue walls , and gives a real sense of movement. It is really like nothing we have seen in a light effect before and quite unique.
The Hypnos has the usual features you would come expect with a fixture of this quality. Power is on IEC and the unit has iec power linking so you can link the power to another fixture. The unit is DMX and via 3 pin XLR and has 10 or 34 selectable channels, giving you loads of control via DMX . You can access the 13 show modes via the Led display and 4 buttons on the back. This also gives you access to the speed settings on each show and dmx features including addressing.
The Equinox Hypnos light really is something different and perfect for venues and mobile entertainers and will be great a Halloween effect when locked in to green via the menu . With loads of control and a unique effects the Hynos is a winner 10 out of 10.

For more information on the Equinox Hypnos and pricing visit the web page here https://www.djanddiscostuff.com/search/hypnos

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