Denon Prime 4, The Ultimate DJ solution ?

Is this the moment that we’ve all been waiting for?
Here we have the brand new denon DJ prime 4. Is this a product of the future? Let’s find out! The world’s most powerful, advanced DJ system has arrived. Take control of every gig, audience and venue at the touch of Button. This piece of equipment is advanced technology at the simplest form of use. With it’s newly designed on board touch screen monitor everything you need is in front of you. Feel your music! Select tracks, view waveforms, interact with your digital music collection. With tactical multi-gesture control this is the touch screen participation that you expect and deserve!
What more can we talk about?
Let’s move on to the Console. 4 Channels standalone DJ power. Does it get any better? This is what a nation of a DJ community has been waiting for. An all in one, fully standalone 4 deck DJ system with NO need for a laptop or pc.
Let’s take a look what inputs and outputs come with this product. Independent zone outputs allowing you to send dedicated, back to back music playlist to a separate location while you command the dance floor in the main room. Take Control of the mood.
-Dedicated XLR zone output with gain and EQ control.
-Stream back to back music automatically into a second room.
– Easily assign any of the 4 playing channels to Zone.
– Party in one room, Chill out in the other.
Unravel your inner creative energy.
Prime 4’s eight performance pads bring the most advanced and easy to use creative expression for the DJ’s use. Hot cue juggle, remix tracks, roll and slice up your tracks for the dance floor and crowds energy. As never seen before the denon prime 4 Standalone DJ console combines class-leading time stretches for DJs to revolutionarily mix any track-tempo and genre. With real time musical pitch shifting, matching musical keys becomes a luxury with just the touch of a finger.
Are you ready to record your mixes?
The denon prime 4 has a brand new feature allowing you to record your sets and mixes with simplicity. Just insert your SD card or hard drive, hit the record button and away you go. The potential is endless for example; you can record Digital mix tapes for friends and fans. Also a great tool to have if your recording podcasts and live streams, Also a simple reference allowing you to see what tracks did and didn’t work well together or to analyse a successful play order of songs. 
Let’s talk about FX?
What has denon got to offer with the onboard FX channels? With its super expressive Multi effects sections, this gives you ultimate unparalleled control over your sound and allows you to manipulate your mixes however you please. With four Rotary controls the prime 4 lets you set your effect parameters such as intensity, frequency and your Dry / wet control over your FX signal. This feature has a dedicated display which allows you to see how much you’re affecting your track. Choose from a variety of 13 different effects which are inherited from the X1800 prime club mixer, ensuring your getting professional effects for your mixes.
The prime 4 will go far with Engine.
For those of you out there who isn’t Familiar with the Denon family, the prime range of products (X1800 mixer and SC5000 media players) includes Denon DJ’s engine software. Their full disposal for both playing out and preparing sets. This music management is a very powerful Component within the Denon prime range, with the ability to import your entire music collection from software’s such as traktor pro, rekordbox, Serato DJ pro and more popular music software’s. This includes all your playlists, crates, folders, cue points and loop information within your tracks. Another awesome feature to the prime 4 is that it will analyse your music data internally, so you can read the waveforms and set cues without having to have a laptop in sight.
Is there much competition?
Denon DJ now has the ball in their court, could this possibly be the best CDJ product on the market. In my opinion the Prime 4 have changed the game completely and dare I say for the better. This is the world’s most Advanced DJ system.

Take a look at these Key features
-4-deck standalone engine prime DJ system
-10-inch HD multi-touch display with gestures
-Dedicated XLR zone output provides music to separate room
-Built in 2.5 inch SATA drive bay to store music onboard
-6-inch rugged metal jog wheel with HD central display
-(4) assignable input channels for external media sources
-(2) dedicated XLR inputs for microphones with individual control
-stagelineQ connection for event/pro DJ lighting and video control
-Plays uncompressed audio formats (FLAC,ALAC,WAV)
-Crisp 24-bit Denon DJ legacy audio
-(4) USB and (1) SD media inputs for music playback
-USB keyboard support
-*coming soon* Serato DJ pro control Enabled

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